Mainstreaming Innovative Instruments for SME development in Europe



Events follow-up

  • Final conference in Valencia
    Mainstreaming policies and funding growth SME’s in European Regions” Valencia, April 7th 2011
  • Mini Europe – The 3rd Creative Workshop – Mainstreaming Good Practice – Manchester, 9th December 2010
    The 3rd Creative Workshop for Mini Europe was held in Manchester, in the North West of England on December 9th, 2010. In order to ensure that the aims of the project can be met and all the options for bringing the exchanges between regions to completion, the focus of the Workshop was on Mainstreaming.
  • “Innovation & SMEs: European Best Practices” in Patras
    MINI EUROPE in the “Forum for Regional Development 2010 – 13th Money Show Patras” on 16 October 2010 The development and the innovation of SMEs within the Region of Western Greece constituted the central theme of the session “Innovation and Small-Medium Enterprises: European Best Practices” held on Saturday, October 16th, in the framework of the […]
  • Mini Europe represented at a European Project Showcase Event in Liverpool
    Mini Europe was officially showcased as a good example of transnational working in November in the city of Liverpool to partners across the North West Region. The event was hosted by the North West Development Agency and the Committee of the Regions Open Days . Bob Pels, Mini Europe’s General Manager, from the province of […]
  • Thematic Conference presentations
    27 September 2010 – Debrecen, Hungary
  • Mini Europe: again in Debrecen
    On 27 September 2010 the Mini Europe project representatives of European regions come back to Hungary to the second Thematic Conference of the project. The second project event in Debrecen offers an excellent opportunity to recognize the best practices and to review the work done.
  • Meghívó a „Sikeres vállalkozásfejlesztési gyakorlatok az Európai Unióban és Magyarországon” című konferenciára
    Tematikus konferenciára újra Debrecenbe jönnek 2010. szeptember 27-én a Mini Europe projektben résztvevő európai régiók képviselői. Az európai uniós támogatással megvalósuló, a kis- és középvállalkozások fejlesztését és innovációs tevékenységét ösztönző program már számos eredménnyel büszkélkedhet. Az eddig végzett munka áttekintésére és a legjobb gyakorlatok megismerésére teremt kiváló alkalmat a Mini Europe második debreceni rendezvénye.
  • Presenting MiniEurope during “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week”
    Mini Europe project was presented during the annual event “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week”, which took place at Patras Science Park premises from the 21st to the 25th of June 2010. A workshop devoted to Entrepreneurship and financial tools for SMEs was organized at Thursday 24th June 2010 under Mini Europe auspices. The main aspects of […]
  • 2nd Mini Europe Creative Workshop in Debrecen, Hungary
    Entrepreneurs, development and local government experts, and university researchers of the partner regions attended the Mini Europe Creative Workshop, held in Debrecen, Hungary in June 2010. The three main themes of the event and the discussions were cluster development, women entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.
  • Debrecenbe ér a Mini Europe
    2010. június 10., Mini Europe Kreatív Workshop
  • Mini Europe Creative Workshop
    10 June 2010, Debrecen (Hungary)
  • Mini Europe’s mid term conference in Romania
    On 29 and 30 March the Mini Europe mid-term conference was held in Baia Mare, capital of Maramures in North-West Romania. Mini Europe is an Interreg IVC project in which 8 regions work together in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to transfer successfully 16 good practices from one region to another. The participating regions are Maramures (RO), Észak-Alföld (HU), Mid Sweden, Valencia (ES), Veneto (IT), Western Greece, North West England and Flevoland (NL). The conference brought entrepreneurs, stakeholders and project partners together to evaluate the results until now and to plan the major themes and activities for the second half of the project.
  • Mid term conference in Maramures – 30 March 2010
    30 March 2010 Mini Europe Mid term conference Baia Mare
  • Innovation Infrastructures – First MINI EUROPE thematic conference in Venice.
    INNOVATION INFRASTUCTURES – First MINI EUROPE thematic conference in Venice. On September 18th 2009 more than 60 participants have had the chance to share their views and programmes and to compare the different innovation infrastructures models and practices running in several European regions.
  • Innovation Infrastructure, Venice – 18 September 2009
    MINI EUROPE First Thematic Conference
  • Seminar on women entrepreneurship
    On 10 June 2009  the Mini Europe project was presented in the ECOS seminar on women entrepreneurship in Lidingö, Sweden. There were interesting presentations on how to promote and develop women entrepreneurship. More information you can find on
  • Creative Workshop, Sundsvall – 11 June 2009
    Topics: From static to open systems for innovations and Design as a powerful tool for development
  • Plenary Stakeholders conference – 19th March 2009
    The Monitoring and Steering Groups will be meeting some of our stakeholders at the Provincie House in Lelystad for the launching of the MiniEurope project.