Mainstreaming Innovative Instruments for SME development in Europe


Good Practices

The overall objective of MINI EUROPE is to elaborate through its international partnership a set of regional politic instruments and strategies to sustain the development of small and medium enterprises, their capacities of innovation and technological transfer with universities, knowledge institutes.

The first stage of the project is devoted to map and then make a Catalogue of Experiences documenting existing good practices in the partner regions and results from relevant projects.

At the heart of the project are the exchanges of experience which will involve an intensive transfer of one specific instrument, approach or tool from one partner region to another. The precise tools to be transferred will be decided in the early stages of the project. However, the initial analysis of existing good practice already identified a range of valuable practical instruments to be transferred.

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Last 5 good practices

    Presentation of the Good Practice: I-Creo Network
  • Mainstreaming Ideas to Assist Exchanges
    Discussions in the 3rd Creative Workshop in Manchester, December 2010, identified a number of thoughts for consideration on how mainstreaming of the Good Practices might be achieved. Download the ideas for mainstreaming here.
  • North West of England signs licence agreement for transfer of Summer Entrepreneur programme from Mid Sweden
    Tameside MBC in the NW of England and the Municipality of Sundsvall, Mid Sweden, agreed the terms for the transfer of the licence to allow TMBC to run the first UK pilot of the Summer Entrepreneur programme in the summer of 2011. With funding from the Local Innovation Award, achieved by Tameside in 2010, the […]
  • Cluster Development Meeting held in Manchester
    Delegates from the regions of Észak-Alföld and Maramures met in Manchester, in December 2010 with UK stakeholders involved in Cluster Development to progress the exchange with the North West of Engalnd’s Cluster Support Environments Model, with a view to identifying the opportunities that the North West might be able to offer its Mini Europe partners. […]
  • Higher Level Skills Partnership Exchange Update
    A Video Conference followed by a Study Visit took place in November and December between the importing region of Western Greece and the exporting region of the North West of England.