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Clusters Programme in Veneto


The practice consists of a specific programme to foster and support the development of productive clusters and SMEs networks.

The practice aims to create the proper framework to boost the development of productive clusters and enhance the cooperation among companies, creating the appropriate milieu favourable to innovation.

The Veneto development model is characterised mainly by the wide presence of small to medium-sized companies often interconnected each other in networks and productive clusters. The small dimension of such companies although, on one side, guarantees flexibility as well as quick market reactions, represents on the other side, a possible barrier that prevents innovation as relevant and consistent investments are often not affordable for small companies.
Moreover the majority of those companies are concentrated in traditional sectors like mechanics, eyeglasses, sportswear, textile, furniture where knowledge is often acquired through “learning by doing” and informal relationships among people more than through direct investment in R&D.

This is the reason why since 2003 the Veneto Region has launched a specific programme for the innovative development of productive clusters. The programme has been designed to take into account and strengthen the spontaneous trend of companies to aggregate together (bottom-up approach), formalise such clusters and provide funding not for their governance itself but for common initiatives focusing in particular on research and innovation.

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