Mainstreaming Innovative Instruments for SME development in Europe


Innovoucher in Észak-Alföld Region


The main problem, that “Innovoucher” wanted to tackle is, that SMEs didn’t have enough own resources to carry out innovative activities and to develop their services.The direct purposes of the project was supporting micro and small sized enterprises in innovative initiatives and motivate supply and demand in the field of innovation services.


Objectives of Innovoucher

  • Increasing the competitiveness of the region
  • Stimulating innovation services
  • Increasing the number of new co-operations between SMEs and innovation suppliers
  • Creating new jobs


Innovation calls for proposals were financed from the Innovation Fund. The National Office for Research and Technology (NORT) launched a call for R&D services in the regions for which SMEs could apply. Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency acted as an intermediary.

One of the main interesting point of “Innovoucher” project, is how the projects, initiatives were financed.

The SME gets a 100 000 EUR virtual budget. The innovation service provider delivers the service for the SME. The invoice is sent directly to NORT with a short notice about the work done. NORT pays the bill directly to the service provider, till the SME’s budget is exhausted.

Main results

  • 2 350 000 EUR spent in the region
  • More, than 40 SMEs supported
  • More, than 60 innovation service providers involved
  • New SME-University research contracts established

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