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RURCED Romania – Ukraine Regional Center for Economic Development


The project aimed at creating a support network “RURCED”, within the cross-border region Romania (Maramures, Satu Mare) and Ukraine (Zakarpatska and Ivano-Frankivsk), consisting of chambers of commerce (representing the business environment), public regional authorities (representing the public environment) and universities (representing the academic environment).

The level of the economic relations between Romania and Ukraine is low, in spite of a very high potential. And this situation is exists at the national level and also at the local level. These trade exchanges are not only very low, but are mainly controlled by trade transactions with very high value, between “giant” companies. Any oscillation of a transaction from this mechanism may break the balance of the entire system.

The ideal would be that these exchanges be based for of all on the trade relations between the SMEs.

The low level of visibility regarding the real economic situation in the Region, the business environment, the opportunities and the lack of information often made both the Romanian and the Ukrainian investor avoid mutual investments as well as business contacts. Moreover, other elements that act as an impediment in the development are represented by the language barrier, since business English is not so common in the Ukrainian business environment as it is in the Romanian one.

This practice aims to:

•  Setting up a network of three pilot centers/bureaus “RURCED” in Baia Mare, Satu Mare and Uzhgorod.
• Preparing an strategy for economic development of the cross-border region Romania (Maramures, Satu Mare) and Ukraine (Zakarpatska and Ivano-Frankivsk) and preparing the economic profile of the region;
•- Organizing six economic missions and the taking part into three exhibition-fairs;
•- implementing communication instruments:

•  on-line communication under the form of an interactive “RURCED” web site;
•  creating and disseminating a “Romanian-Ukrainian Business Breviary”;
•  setting up of a network of business translators, made up of Romanian and Ukrainian translators for commercial English

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