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Summer Design Office


Design and business development via the Summer design office

The objectives are to introduce companies that are not familiar with what design can offer a possibility via the design process offered by the Summer design office.

The students are selected via our database which every year consists of at least 350 students from all over the world (mostly Swedes). Depending of the type of company and the brief we select students from that perspective.
Every office has a project manager and a supervisor. The project manager starts his work in February/march by planning the project, finance discussions, looking for companies. In the middle of may the students get their information whether they will be offered an office or not. The office generally starts around June 8 and runs for 3 weeks, after that 4 weeks off and it starts again late July and lasts for another 4 weeks. Final presentation around aug.20. The first week is a get together week for the student team, supervisor, and manager. They will also visit all the companies and get their brief. Then the work starts and the student team 2-3 persons/company depends on what skill is needed. The design superwiser will set the scheme and see that they will follow and deliver reports/results from their agreement with the companies. At the end there is a final presentation where public and media also are invited among with the companies. A couple of days before that occasion every company have their private presentation with the supervisor and the students.

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