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Maramures – Innovation County Action Plan


Innovation and knowledge-based economy are the engines of county development and increase of county atractiveness, supporting the economic competitiviness doubled by promotion and development of local entrepreneurship are strategic fields taken into account by local authorities for the county’s sustainable development.

The County Council wants to develop a concrete action plan for innovation leading to sustainable development of Maramures county. The plan will be a “living document”, adjusted and updated according to changing circumstances and aligned to national and European innovation strategy.

The objectives of Innovation County Action Plan intended to:

• Increase county’s economic competitiviness through stimulation of innovative activities

• increase of county’s economic atractiveness

• promote innovation-friendly climate and of domestic entrepreneurship

• stimulate the cooperation between business, academic and research institutes environment  in order to exploit the research results

• existence of a consistent innovation-related county plan, financially and politically supported by Maramures County Council and local communities

The document is available below:

Maramures Innovation County Action Plan

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