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Tameside Enterprise Strategy & Rationale for the Tameside Business Family


The Tameside Enterprise Strategy sets out the rationale for the creation of the Tameside Business Family, a network of SMEs in the area which work to offer support to other SMEs to assist them to grow. The Business Family also works with individuals thinking of starting a business and acts as a mentor and a coach. The Business Family concept has had a significant impact on the numbers of people starting a business in the area, which has historically suffered from low levels of business creation.

The Business Family now has members from the business community who have pledged support to deliver
advice, mentoring and training to other businesses and individuals wishing to start a business. The aim is to
grow the Family to a network of 2,500 businesses in 10 years.

The Tameside Business Family is offered to the the Mini Europe partners as an area of Good Practice in stimulating Enterprise creation.

The Tameside Enterprise Strategy outlines the reasons for the creation of the Tameside Business Family.

The creation of the Tameside Business Familyhas assisted in creating a step change in attitudes towards Enterprise creation in the area, and brought the private sector together locally to act as a team, assisting new businesses with advice and support to enable them to grow.

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