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Western Greece Good Practice “I-CREO” exchange


Did we succeed with MINI Europe Good Practice to Western Greece?

The answer is really simple: YES! Patras Science Park did not only disseminate the collected best practices of Mini Europe but it also managed to influence regional policies and strategies by transferring the I-CREO Good Practice from Valencia to the Chamber of Aitoloakarnania. In the framework of Mini Europe, the members of PSP introduced I-CREO to the Chamber of Commerce though a videoconference and a series of meetings and on site visits. The members of the Chamber became highly interested in adopting the proposed GP and there was organized a visit to Valencia to learn the know-how of implementing I-CREO. After this fruitful collaboration the members of both parties agreed to implement it in the Region of Western Greece.  I-CREO will be implemented by the Chamber under the Operational Programme “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” of the National Strategic Reference Framework, where they will apply for funding to the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping and the EU, under the current call of interest for “CLUSTERS”.  This call is meant to attract the interest of the regional beneficiaries to plan the original framework of the Clusters. Through this procedure the Chamber of Aitoloakarnania has taken I-CREO as an example to set its own cluster, referred to the “green” construction, and to set the foundation of a concrete scheme that will be further developed in other fields as well. Besides, a Representative of Chamber of Aitoloakarnania is going to discuss the possible inclusion of ideas and I-Creo good practice in the Regional Plan of Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship. I-CREO is also taken a step further than just being disseminated as a good practice as it is, but it has come to realization on a regional level and hopefully soon on a national level as well.  I-CREO is used as a lever for SMEs to growth in the area of the Chamber of Aitoloakarnania and generally in the Region of Western Greece.

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