Mainstreaming Innovative Instruments for SME development in Europe


European Commission: Smart Guide for Innovation Based Incubators (IBI)


The European Commission together with the European Business and Innovation network published has published a Smart Guide for Innovation Based Incubators (IBI) for individuals working at the interface between innovation and entrepreneurship. The handbook for these so-called innovation-based incubators provides several case studies and sets a number of individual tips, including strategic advice, networking and […] ( » )

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Cluster Support Environment Model (North West of England)


The Cluster Support Environments (CSE) model considers the physical infrastructure requirements of a cluster. Whilst all clusters are different and the specific mix of infrastructure will therefore vary, there are several generic types of infrastructure which might be present. The model considers the premise that businesses need support at various stages of growth, including spin-outs and diversification from large businesses. It also considers the specialist facilities that businesses may need to use on a short term basis to develop new products and processes. ( » )

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