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Our region is often referred to as a gateway of the European Union to the East.

A gateway, that opens on the Eastern border of Hungary for the new-joined member states, Romania and Bulgaria, and it also opens roads to Ukraine and Asia.

One of the many strengths of the Észak-Alföld Region is its openness attitude. By reason of our cross-border location we find the economic, cultural as well as the cross-border co-operation extremely important. Our region along with the bordering counties of Ukraine and Romania is a member region of the Carpathian Euroregion, the Bihar-Bihor Region as well as the Interregion consisting Transcarpathia and Szatmár County, the Danube-Körös-Maros-Tisza Euroregion and the Eastern-European Border Region Network of NEEBOR.

The Észak-alföld Region appears as a more and more important actor on the research and development map of the European Union. We have remarkable R&D network, which promotes the intensive development of innovation-controlled technologies in the region such as life-sciences, which has great tradition in our region, the agrarian, medical and information technological innovation in the field of genomics, nanotechnology and molecular biology. Nyíregyháza - City center

The research centres concentrated in Debrecen and in the county seats of the other two counties, in Nyíregyháza and Szolnok, could be attractive for high-tech companies. We find it important to have more R&D programs in the region, which could mean breakout in the high valuated sectors of the world-market, hereby raising the number of SMEs and providing sustainable development of existing SMEs.

We believe that concentrating on the favourable geo-strategic location, the R&D and HR basis and on our strengths, such as renewable resources, enterprises in processing industries, the international airport in Debrecen, our logistical potential, geothermal resources, the Észak-Alföld Region could pertain in the future into the dynamically developing areas

Deberecn - Great ChurchOur region is open for partnership towards the enterprises as well as the partner institutes and is ready to implement joint projects.

Regional development is undertaken by Észak-Alföld Regional Development Council and Agency, which carries out NUTS II-level spatial development activities.

Észak-Alföld Regional Development Agency (Agency) operates as a prominently public-benefit organization in the field of regional development in the Észak-Alföld Region, including the area of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hajdú-Bihar and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg counties. The Agency was founded by the Észak-Alföld Regional Development Council in January 2000 with the aim to coordinate the elaboration of the regional development programme of the region, and make arrangements for the implementation and control of the same.

The Agency deems it as its mission to become a professional centre of regional development in the Észak-Alföld Region and a focal point of the partnering network, while it wishes to take a central role in the development of the region. All these ends are intended to be accomplished with reliance on an extensive professional knowledge base and cooperative teamwork.

MANAGEMENT OF GRANT APPLICATIONS – From among the priorities of the Észak-Alföld Regional Operative Programme (ÉAOP), the Agency is responsible for the management of the EU funds related to economic development, development of tourism, development of transport, as well as urban and regional development, and in addition has certain tasks connected with the management of decentralized national resources that are available to the local governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations of the region.

PLANNING – The Agency considers it as an important duty to attend activities in planning, analysis and project generation in connection with regional development and in line with the national, county and microregional development concepts.

PARTNERSHIP – Via its coordinators operating in 28 microregions of the region, the Agency provides up-to-date information to local businesses, non-governmental organizations and local governments on European Union and national grant application opportunities, and offers help to the awarded project owners in the implementation of the developments. The Agency also endeavours to keep international partnering contacts with its six sister regions, as well as several other regions of the European Union via its Brussels-based representative office.

In summary, our aim is to facilitate the efficient use of regional resources, create partnerships between the public and private sphere, as well as to establish and cultivate domestic and international relations for a developing and prospering ÉSZAK-ALFÖLD REGION!

If you need more information, also about the good practices related to Észak-Alföld,  you can ask the support of  the Regional Content Manager.