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Beautiful Maramures is located in north-west of Romania, bordering the Ukraine along the Tisa river, has a surface of  6 304 km2, a population of   more then 500.000 inhabitants and its capital is Baia Mare.

Maramures is one of the European regions that have gained its status due to the trustfulness and the open-minded style that people from here has. The people of Maramures developed a particularly strong community, with unique personality and traditions. Men are amazingly skillful wood carvers and all the old houses and churches are entirely made of wood.

Industry holds the top place in the economy of Maramures. The county is rich in gold, silver, lead, copper and salt and there is a long history of mining in the region. Nonferrous ore mining and nonferrous metallurgy were very well developed, but in the last years the mining industry and subsequently the nonferrous metallurgy have been closed.

In Maramures county there is a strong tradition in doing businesses with Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy. The main sectors are:

  • wood processing (well known factories that still employ over 1000 people) and furniture,
  • mechanics
  • textiles

In the last years new sectors have shown up, such as water treatment, services, IT and so on. As well as the landscape is one of the advantages of the region, tourism has developed a lot and constitutes a real opportunity both for winter or for summer activities.

SMEs have developed a lot in the area and the industrial platforms of the city, as well as mining sector with all its connected activities have led to the creation of SMEs that covered a wide range of activities. A strong presence of German and Austrian businesses in the area (Mercedes Benz, Moeller, Weidmuller, Dieter Eiffler, Optibelt…), very innovative Romanian companies dealing with CAD, CAM, GIS or water treatment, American companies representing challenging and sensitive sectors (aviation) represent the actual business climate in Maramures.

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