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Mid Sweden


Local pride, entrepreneurship and a strong drive to develop an attractive  business region in Northern Europe characterizes the area.

An increasing number of people are choosing to stay, move and develop their businesses here. In 2010 the area was awarded and announced as the number one Clean Tech Region in the world by the global magazine The Economist. (

A business climate in transformationPic-2

An industrial society is being transformed into a society of experiences and entrepreneurship where small and medium-sized businesses flourish. The clean tech market and tourism industry is growing.The public sector, when it comes to healthcare and schools, is being privatised and run by entrepreneurs.

The bank, insurance and IT sector accounts for a relatively large part of the labour market compared to other Swedish regions.

Production of local gourmet products such as elk meat, fish and berries is on the upcoming. Businesses that focuses on garments and textiles for sport and outdoor activities are expanding.


The coastline with tree-potential, shopping and high coast

The forest industry has been center of commerce for centuries, and still is.

Products that develop from the forest are converted into pulp, paper and timber. It is said that Sweden’s forest industry started with a steam driven saw  in Sundsvall in 1849.


Tourism is taking an increasingly prominent role. Sundsvall is Northern Sweden’s shopping Mecca.

The landscape of the High Coast is a stunningly beautiful addition to the World Heritage list and Örnsköldsvik, in the north of the region, features a dramatic archipelago, small-town charm and world-class sporting facilities.Pic-5

The inlands with air for sale, revitalization and nature’s best

The inland part of the area, Jämtland, has for centuries attracted people that want to revitalize body and soul. They used to be called air tourists, because they came for the pure mountain air. Today, the area is investing more heavily than ever in tourism and recreation.

The vision 2016 is for the region of Åre,  Krokom and Östersund to become Europe’s leading area for research and business development in tourism, sport and outdoor activities.Pic-6

University and incubators  – near and involved

Mid Sweden University, with campuses in Sundsvall, Östersund, Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik, offers two established Business Incubators. Together with the region’s business community they stimulate research and commercial development especially in developing new environmental technologies. (

Water – lifeline straight from the tap

The mountains, forests, rivers and sea are assets that go far beyond monetary value. They hold the key to our history and to our future. We are now also starting to see the climate as one of our greatest resources, giving us, for example, some of the best water in Europe. Living in the region you can drink naturally purified mineral water directly from your tap. Our water expertise is in demand around the world, not least due to the potential influence of climate change on water flows and water quality.

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