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Western Greece

The Region of Western Greece (RWG) takes up the northwest section of Peloponnese. With a population of 740,506 (6.8 % of Greece), produces about 6% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. In the primary sector it produces 27%, in the secondary 21% and in the tertiary sector 51% of the regional GDP. The corresponding percentages for the country are 15% for the primary sector, 25% the secondary and 60% for the tertiary. With regards to the productivity, this region falls short compared to the EU, while it is slightly higher than the average national level.

The present situation of Research, Technology and Innovation in the Region of Western Greece, presents comparative advantages. With the support of European Framework Programmes, the potential of Regional sector for research, technological growth and innovation are highly increased. It is focused in the presence of institutions performing high tech activities and the researcher potential and the presence of appreciable enterprising activities.

Among the strongest points of RWG are its Higher Education and Research Organizations/ Institutes, which have shown exceptionally important R &D activities. On various occasions these have led to immensely successful efforts in manufacturing products and providing services of high quality technology.

The most important organizations of the RWG are:

–          University of Patras (with great expertise in various Departments and  Laboratories)

–          Open Hellenic University

–          ΤΕΙ (Technological Educational Institutes) of Patras and  Mesologi (Development of Applied Technology Centres)

–          Research Institutes:

  • RACTI (specialised in the field of Information and Communication Technologies)
  • FORTH/ICE-HT (in the area of Chemical Technologies and Energy/Environment)
  • ISI (in the area of Industrial Systems)
  • ΙΝΒΙΤ (in Biomedical Technology)
  • Regional University Hospital (Medicine)
  • High-Tech companies (INTRACOM, other companies in PSP, etc.)

–          Patras Science Park (PSP)

RWG presents a satisfactory percentage of innovative enterprises. It is important to mention that RWG achieves a strikingly high percentage in innovative enterprises with regard to services (58.4%), which are constitute in the following thematic areas:

– Computer science, microelectronics, telecommunications

–  Food production

–  Environmental technologies

Medical technologies

The main advantages of RWG include important contribution of the primary sector with intensive work employment, maritime transport, powerful research foundations and supporting structures, and significant environmental resources. Transport and logistics are also important as potential employment creation. In addition, Medical Technology, Environmental Technology and aqua-resources management are particularly promising for the regional growth. What also becomes evident is the potential of creating new companies of technological interest in the region, mostly in the city of Patras, where Patras Science Park could play an essential leading role.

The objectives of Regional Authorities of Western Greece along with the support of all the above mentioned Institutes, Organizations and SMEs are to:

  1. Force concentration of enterprises, research centres and education institutions to growth activities dedicated to common research/technological.
  2. Medium-term configuration of decisive role of the private sector in the growth and in competitive position of the country. Answer to the challenges that this sector is facing concerning technological innovations, their speed of diffusion and their cost of application, as well as for the level of international competition.
  3. Medium-term manifestation of particular competitive advantages of RWG and long-term reduction of Regional inequalities. The main target is to strengthen the technological dexterity and distinction in the important Regional technological nodes. Thus, regional competitiveness will be stimulated, through the intensification of research, technological and innovative activities of the Region, as well as that of organisations and enterprises that are active in these fields.

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